суббота, 18 октября 2014 г.


If someone told me that writing CV is so difficult I would never believe it.
Its kind of endless process of updating the text. Add skills like haskell or not? Write about cisco CCNA level, or write just simple "networking" e.t.c

Funny staff :)

среда, 15 октября 2014 г.

Encryption for paranoids

I'm trying to start a series of articles about my usual encryption practises. I'm not a person, who is obliged to keep his secrets ('cause I don't have any secrets), I just like crypto-tools.

Let's start from encryption standarts.

First of all, you should know that if you don't sure in perfection of algorithm - it's normal. Nobody except different government structures (hello, NSA, KGB...) knows about real backdoors in crypto-algorithms.
But, you can make your messages little more secure by using different algorithms at the same time.

There are two ways:

1) Using a new independent key for every algo.
2) Using master-key and KDF (Key Derivation Function).

четверг, 9 октября 2014 г.


Чем лучше пользоваться для просмотра hexdump'ов ?
Пока что юзаю ghex + hexdump, но не очень нравятся такие извращения:
hexdump -C 1 | sed -re "s/[[:digit:]]{8} *//"